What is Nuisance Wildlife?

Nuisance wildlife is when a wild animal is too close for human comfort, invading a home or business, causing property damage, is a continuous annoyance, or is a threat to human health or safety. Examples include a raccoon in your attic or a bat in your house. 

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Nuisance Wildlife Removal & Prevention 


Bloomington, Indiana

We are professional wildlife experts that are quick to identify nuisance animals and establish an effective humane plan with customers. Here at Indiana Wildlife Pros we can resolve any wildlife problem that you may have. Our services include animal removal, dead animal removal, highly skilled trapping, animal damage repairs, exclusion/prevention, attic/crawlspace restoration, insulation removal/installation, gutter cleanings, odor elimination,  and sanitation. We always practice 100% safe and harmless methods to eliminate any wildlife issues. We do not use any poisons or dangerous chemicals, only constructive techniques and approaches. Let our certified specialist provide a safe and permanent solution for your home or business. 

Indiana Wildlife Pros provides animal removal services for:

.Bat Removal
.Bird Removal
.Raccoon Removal
.Squirrel Removal 
.Skunk Removal 
.Chipmunk Removal
.Mole Removal
.Snake Removal
.Mice Removal
.Rat Removal
.Fox Removal
.Groundhog Removal
.Coyote Removal
.Beaver Removal

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Indiana Wildlife Removal Services 

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Wildlife Response Team 

Indiana Wildlife Pros provides 24 hour emergency services
You can reach our wildlife response team at 812-500-0375 



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