Nuisance Wildlife in Indiana

Wild animals in Indiana can easily become a nuisance or annoyance to your home or business. Many species such as raccoons, bats, squirrels, and birds can be very destructive and can cause major damage that can be costly. As wildlife becomes more urbanized, the more they make use of human structures for shelter. 

Wildlife Species 

Visit our wildlife dictionary and learn more about nuisance wildlife in Indiana

Wildlife Species Dictionary 

Nuisance Wildlife 

Control & Elimination

Animals can cause major damage and destruction to your home or business

Leaving or ignoring a wild animal can be a costly mistake on a home or business owner. Wildlife can become a problem and cause expensive damage in a very short amount of time. Indiana Wildlife Pros has certified wildlife technicians that can eliminate your animal issue quickly and efficiently. 

DNR Regulations

An individual is NOT allowed to be compensated for any animal removal unless they obtain a nuisance wildlife control permit which is required by law in the state of Indiana.

It is always important to call your local DNR office or a licensed wildlife control operator when dealing with any wild animal on your personal property.