Steps and Resources Parents Can Use to Fight Nature-Deficit Disorder

Nature-deficit disorder: Chances are pretty high that you have never heard of it, but chances are also high that NDD is impacting your family. A lack of outdoor play and activity can have a huge impact on the health and wellness of every member of your family, from toddlers to teens and even adults. With these tips for getting kids more fresh hair, however, you can help lessen the risk of nature-deficit disorder for your entire family but especially for your kids.

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Install Sports and Playground Equipment at Home-
If you build outdoor fun right in your own backyard, your kids will be more likely to spend their afternoons and weekends playing in the fresh air and sunshine, and this info can help.

Best Backyard Swingsets and Playsets
Step-by-Step for Backyard Sandboxes
Creative Backyard Playscape Plans

Encourage Kids to Explore Outdoor Adventures-
For more adventurous children, finding exciting outdoor activities will keep them interested in spending more time outside and less time on the couch. Here are some activities to consider.

Mountain Biking with Children
Rock Climbing Outdoors with Kids
Top Spots to Surf with Children
Teaching Kids How to Snowboard
How to Safely Observe Wildlife from Your Home

Sign Children Up for Outdoor Sports and Activities-
From local little leagues to summer camps, committing children to activities that get them outdoors more often can keep them healthy and happy. Here are some ideas for parents.

Find a Local i9 Sports League
How to Help Kids Choose a Sport
Boy Scouts and Girl Scouts for Kids

Have Children to Help with Backyard Chores-
Having kids do chores in the backyard may sound like less than fun, but there are benefits for kids who complete chores and these tips can even make backyard work feel like fun.

Why Chores Are Important for Kids
Tips for Getting Kids to Help with Gardens
Pros and Cons of Paying Kids for Outdoor Chores

Both adults and children can benefit greatly from playing and working in the great outdoors. So get creative when it comes to encouraging your family to get outside for some fun in the sun and some fresh air. Then, you can put any worries about nature-deficit disorder to rest.

Photo Credit: Rawpixel